Rod on CNN – WikiLeaks Spying Claims

Rod appeared on CNN 3/8/2017 to discuss the latest WikiLeaks spying claims – CIA can hack phones, tablets, and smart TVs

Intel report says Russia behind hacking

Intel report says Russia behind hacking
Rod Beckstrom, a former senior adviser at the National Cybersecurity Center, talks to CNN’s George Howell about the findings from the report […]

Rod on CNN International 1/6/2017

Rod is interviewed by Michael Holmes on CNN International regarding alleged Russian hacking of the US

Rod on CNN – Anderson Cooper 1-5-2017

Rod was a member of a panel being interviewed by Anderson Cooper about the allegations of Russia hacking the US during the elections

CNN Interview re: Russian Hacking

Former Director of the National Cybersecurity Center Rod Beckstrom on CNN 1-4-2017. Was Russia hacking the US?
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U.S. Blames China for Massive Hack

Former National Cybersecurity Center Director Rod Beckstrom interviewed on CNN about the recent massive hack of the U.S. government.
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How Big Is PRISM?

Rod Beckstrom, former ICANN president and CEO, says we need to decide as a country where we want to be when it comes to security and privacy.