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Caught red-handed: Google in your G-mail

Is free and private an oxymoron in today’s tech world? Christine Romans talks to Rod Beckstrom about how companies like Google are using your personal information to tailor ads. […]

How Big Is PRISM?

Rod Beckstrom, former ICANN president and CEO, says we need to decide as a country where we want to be when it comes to security and privacy.

It’s a MAD MAD MAD Cyber World

Personal Democracy Forum 2013 | June 6-7 | NYC “Think Bigger”

Personal Democracy Forum 2013, held June 6 and 7 at New York University, was organized around a central theme: […]

Rod’s It’s a MAD MAD MAD World Speech Text

Let’s start this discussion with a brief cybersecurity risk assessment:

1. Anything attached to a network can be hacked.
2. Everything is being attached to networks.
3. Everything is vulnerable.

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Personal Democracy Forum 2013 – 10th Annual Conference

Don´t miss Rod´s presentation on June 6th during the 4:30pm session. Personal Democracy Forum is the world´s leading conference exploring and analyzing technology´s impact on politics and government. Hundreds […]

Rogue Cyber Group Vowing New Round of Attacks on U.S. Banks

Former National Cybersecurity Center Director Rod Beckstrom on the new round of cyber attacks on banks and Obama’s meeting with CEOs on cybersecurity.

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Mandiant standing by hacking accusations

Rod Beckstrom, a cyber security analyst, talks to CNN’s Becky Anderson about the allegations against the Chinese hackers.